Pet Sematary II (1992)

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Type movies
Title Pet Sematary II
Year 1992
Release Date Aug 28, 1992
Rating ⭐ 4.9
Updated 4 months ago
Published 4 months ago
Quality HD
Created 2023-12-07 00:16:32
Audio eng, hin
Genres Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Actors Edward Furlong, Anthony Edwards, Clancy Brown, Jared Rushton, Darlanne Fluegel, Jason McGuire, Sarah Trigger, Lisa Waltz, Jim Peck, Len Hunt, Reid Binion, David Ratajczak, Lucius Houghton, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Ziegler, Ken Fisher, Gil Roper, Robert Easton
Country United States
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