Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)

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Type movies
Title Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Year 2007
Release Date Oct 12, 2007
Rating ⭐ 6.8
Updated 5 months ago
Published 5 months ago
Quality HD
Created 2023-11-24 10:14:23
Audio eng, hin
Genres Biography, Drama, History, War
Actors Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen, Geoffrey Rush, Jordi MollĂ , Aimee King, Laurence Fox, John Shrapnel, Susan Lynch, Elise McCave, Samantha Morton, Abbie Cornish, Penelope McGhie, Rhys Ifans, Eddie Redmayne, Stuart McLoughlin, Adrian Scarborough, Robert Styles, William Houston
Country Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States
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