Chinese Zodiac (2012)

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Type movies
Title Chinese Zodiac
Year 2012
Release Date Oct 18, 2013
Rating ⭐ 6
Updated 5 months ago
Published 5 months ago
Quality HD
Created 2023-11-26 05:44:44
Audio eng, hin
Genres Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Actors Jackie Chan, Shu Qi, Xingtong Yao, Sang-woo Kwon, Oliver Platt, Daniel Wu, Alaa Safi, Wen Jiang, Max Huang, Fahim Fazli, Stephen Chang, Caitlin Dechelle, Peng Lin, David Torok, Ken Lo, Andreas Nguyen, Zoe Zhang, Laura Weissbecker
Country China, Hong Kong
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